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Chimney Restoration Melbourne

Chimneys are a regular feature of older buildings but are also part of the design of newer buildings for their aesthetic appeal. They are the part of your roof that is most vulnerable to the weather and wind because of their exposure in relation to the rest of the structure. Over time the elements can slowly degrade the structure of your chimney, leading to water leakage and in extreme cases, collapse.

To prevent serious water damage and worse to your property, Top Tier Slate Roofing is very experienced in assessing the current state of your chimney and making necessary repairs. These may include: re-pointing, re-capping, reapplying render and leadwork.

If your chimney is visible from the ground, here are a few things you can look for yourself to determine if you need an expert like us to come out and asses your chimney for you: cracks in the chimney, missing flashings, flaking bricks, a cracked or missing crown, missing render, deterioration of lime mortar joints and missing chimney pots. If you have one or more of these issues with your chimney its best to resolve these problems immediately before a small job turns into a total rebuild of your chimney.

You can call Top Tier Slate Roofing and we will come out and asses the damage to your chimney and provide a solution that will last for years to come. Due to the damp winter conditions in Melbourne mortar joints can become weak and allow water from the rain to seep in, causing a catalogue of problems such as warped or rotting wood, stains on your ceiling and walls near your chimney, formation of mould or mildew and water damage to your roof.

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